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AnneMarie Walter

AnneMarie Walter is a very talented fiber artist.  She said she has always liked making things, she learned to crochet at age 8 and learned to knit at age 12, although she said that it wasn’t till when she was in her thirties that she got past knitting a simple scarf.  Now AnneMarie creates  many amazing things and Asheville NC Home Crafts is pleased to carry her creations.

AnneMarie knits on a daily basis.  She makes hats and scarves to sell at our store and knits socks and sweaters for herself  and her family.  AnnMarie is also a pattern writer which is a rare talent to have.  We have a good selection of AnneMarie’s patterns for sale at our store.  AnneMarie also dyes fibers for spinning and felting which are sold under the name “Smokey Mountain Fibers”   Her dyed fiber is a favorite of a lot of our spinning and felting customers.  Her color selection of dyed wool is great.


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