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Eloise RenfroMrs. Renfro is a very talented Appalachian crafts person with a deep history of crafting which began when she was a little girl. She remembers at a young age helping her mother with quilt work. When Mrs. Renfro was herself a young mother her husband worked on the railroad and was often away for work and was only home on the weekends. In addition to tending to her three children and keeping up their farm, Mrs. Renfro began to take on small sewing jobs for people who asked. The first project she sold was a Cathedral pattern quilt. Soon after, Mrs. Renfro started to make story dolls, which is when she found her true gift. She has continued to craft ever since and has created over 20 patterns for the story dolls she makes. We have been selling Mrs. Renfro’s dolls from the day we opened our store back in 2002! Mrs. Renfro is a rare talent. There are very few people that make dolls with the quality that Mrs. Renfro does!


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