Frances Owl Smith

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Frances Owl Smith

Frances Owl Smith

Frances Owl Smith was born and grew up on the Cherokee reservation. Frances’ love for quilting began at an early age. As a child her grandmother quilted, Frances remembers crawling under the quilting frame and poking the needle back through when her grandma dropped it. Frances got married right out of high school and had 3 children. Frances sewed some during that time making clothes for her children. After all of her children were born she went to medical school. While in medical school she went to her first quilt show in Raleigh NC and was inspired and began to experiment with making quilts. When Frances finished medical school and got her first job in Arizona she took her first real quilting class. About 4 years later Frances moved to New Mexico due to a change in jobs.


IMG_1019There she joined a large quilt guild.The quilt guild met every week, so she was constantly being stimulated and inspired to try new things. At this point in her life her children were all grown and out of the house, so she would spend a lot of her weekends in her quilt room.

Now years later Frances has 5 sewing machines and a room full of fabric!


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