Tutorial for Fingerless Mittens

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Cuff- cast on 48 stitches and divide on 3 needles place marker
Join (being careful not to twist)
Knit 2 purl 2 until piece measures 3.5 inches.
There should be 48 stitches.
Hand- knit evenly for 4 rounds.
First increase for the thumb Gore- increase in the first stitch
knit1 increase in the next stitch. knit to the end of the round.
Knit 2 rounds even.
Second increase- increase in the first stitch, knit 3 increase in the next stitch, knit to the end of the round.
Continue to increase in the first and last thumb stitch every 3 rd row, having 2 more increases between increases after increase row, 5 times. (62 stitches).
Knit 2 rounds even
Slip to a strand of thread ( or stitch holder) the 17 thumb stitches.
At the end of the last round cast on 3 stitches.
There will be 48 stitches on your needles.
Work evenly until piece measures 2 inches above divide for thumb.
Knit 1 purl 1 till mittens are at the end of fingers ( as long as you want them
Cast off loosely.
Pick up the thumb stitches.
Knit 1 purl 1 till the thumb is as long as you need the thumb to be.


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